Dejan is Serbian artist based in Miami Beach. 

After a decade of working in Fashion industry, designing for celebrities such as Lady Gaga and being featured in magazines such as Vogue, L'officiel, Elle, W, Dejan decided to elevate his work and concentrate on his second forever love - Conceptual Art.

His melancholic yet dark and poetic works include different techniques such as rope tying on canvas, in order  to achieve the transfer of his imagination and emotion to the surface.

Dejan's work tends to evoke a certain emotion connected to the ancient monuments and ancient relics.


The feeling of being connected to something higher then life itself.

His pieces are here to remind us of how Life is valuable, every time we look at them hung on our walls and to tell us that no matter how tight the ropes and knots around us are, there is always way to learn how to love them and cherish each of them in order for us to live our Best Life. 

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